Roadside Picnic

BankART Station+Minatomirai 53 block/Yokohama/2019

During a fieldwork in the MinatoMirai district, I grew in- spired by the scenery and processed the stimulus into an outdoor project. There I found a vast open space, a clear- ing in the bustling newly constructed buildings; a site soon to be claimed for a new facility. On this momentarily forgotten plot of land, I placed a 1.8 cubic meter white box resembling the proportions of an average teahouse. The initiative was to conduce the line of sight towards this vacant parcel of land. This box, a camera obscura, is a large-scale pinhole camera equipped with a 6mmφ aperture hole in the wall to produce an image. The projected image can produce a viable 1.6m x 1.0m print. I have conducted guided tours for visitors and had them seated in the interior of the pinhole camera. 

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