photopia/scotopia-Tokyo  GENZOU Vol.4

GENZOU - Kio Griffith + Tamaki Hosobuchi, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, 2018 

The proposed phenomenal affect of "photopia/scotopia" (day/night vision), Genzou's project title for TOKAS Open Site 2018, is in the aggregating of unseen 'human-photo-synthesis' woven into the metropolitan landscapes of Tokyo shared from personal histories of the localites. Over 2000 photographic contributions were received through social media and other forms of electronic correspondence. These daily feeds of photographs became the structure to manifest a new form of city mapping within the gallery installation. GENZOU Volume 4 is published in 2019.


Genzou was co-founded in 2017 by Tamaki Hosobuchi and Kio Griffith from an apperceived synthesis, contingent agency, and the status quo of the virtualized 'dark-room' that is photography. Independently published in limited editions of one hundred copies. "Genzou" is available at local and international bookshops.

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